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Jess teaches Early Basic Literacy Skills to kids using the Orton Gillingham approach. She is passionate about empowering individuals and enriching their lives through literacy development.

Students study on a 1:1 basis or in a small group in Jess’ cozy home office in North Vancouver. Sometimes Finn, a hypoallergenic, bred-therapy dog assists by listening to readers! Learn more about Jess.

About the Orton-Gillingham Approach

  • The Orton-Gillingham approach presents the student with letters that represent single sounds of familiar speech. These are then immediately synthesized into words that carry meaning.
  • The method encourages the student to use, simultaneously, his/her senses of hearing, sight, and touch in order to learn the letters’ formations, their names, and their sounds.
  • This amalgamation of his/her learning pathways works to encourage automatic memory, and reduce the effects of his/her learning delay.
  • In our sessions we use Step into Phonics, an adaptation of the Orton-Gillingham approach. Activities are adjusted where necessary to accommodate the ESL / adult learner.
  • The program delivers explicit, tailored, success-oriented instruction in learning to read, write, and spell, promoting advancement to those failing in class, or performing below their expected level, including students with Dyslexia.

About Jess

Jessica Ayers - North Vancouver Orton Gillingham English TeacherBorn and raised in the UK, Jess now lives in North Vancouver where she teaches children using the Orton Gillingham approach.

Jess has over 10 years’ experience as an elementary school teacher, and over 5 years’ experience teaching adults Early Basic Literacy Skills at MOSAIC Multicultural Centre.

In addition to her B.Ed. (Hons’) degree, TESOL Certificate, and Orton-Gillingham Certificate, Jess holds a number of qualifications in the field of disabilities and education, amassed during 20+ years of continuous professional development. View Testimonials.

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Orton Gillingham Tutoring Games

Finn sometimes listens to readers.
Sometimes Finn likes to listen to readers.


My daughter has just started (3-4 months) working with Jessica and the results have been fantastic. She was well behind grade level when we started and she has made so much progress that even her teacher at school has commented on it. We love the books that come home, along with some homework that is not too overwhelming. Her confidence has increased a lot and she is feeling better about her ability to become a strong reader. — T.C., North Vancouver, BC

My daughter has been working with Jessica for just over a year and, like others, I am so impressed at how far she has come along in her learning. She absolutely loves seeing Jessica twice a week and never complains or tries to skip a session, even when she’s really tired from a busy week. A sure sign that she is comfortable and happy. Jessica offers an amazing, learning environment where the kids feel safe and happy to learn away from the pressure of the school/group environment. My daughters confidence has grown ten-fold since starting with Jessica. When doing her homework I can see her applying the rules and tips she has learnt with Jessica. Her reading has come on so well, it’s a pleasure to see her enjoying books. I can’t recommend Jessica and Toucan highly enough. I’m so grateful to Jessica for her hard work and dedication to her students. She only wants the very best for them all and celebrates their victories with genuine enthusiasm every step of the way. I’ve never seen an unhappy kid arrive or leave Jessica’s. The relaxed (but professional) environment helps the children feel comfortable and confident, without the stress of a formal classroom setting, and makes parents grateful to have found such a gem! — C.S., North Vancouver

My daughter has been working with Jess for a year. The progress in her reading is quite astonishing. She has gone from struggling and never thinking she would read for fun, to a very capable reader. I am constantly finding her curled up with a good book now and she is always happy to share with me whatever she is reading. Her speed and comprehension caught up with her interest in complex stories as she has discovered the gift of reading. Jess always was well prepared for the tutoring sessions and her method of changing the mode/ activity every few minutes means that children stay focused and engaged for the whole hour. My daughter always left the sessions feeling competent and confident which allowed her much greater success at school. — A.M., North Vancouver

Jessica has been working with our son for a year now and we feel so fortunate to have found her! Our son has dyslexia and has difficulties with focus and attention. He had made minimal gains in his reading for over a year prior to starting with Jessica despite extra support and learning assistance at school. Our son had lost all confidence in his ability to read. Since working with Jessica, our son has made steady progress. He actually believes that he can read and he knows that working with Jessica is the reason. Jessica is so patient and caring and dedicated to getting the most out of her students. She creates a wonderful environment for success and learning. Our son always looks forward to attending his sessions and he even asks to attend more often. This is a huge testament to Jessica’s talent and skill at making learning fun because our son is usually very resistant to doing any school-work. We would strongly recommend Jessica to anyone whose child is struggling with reading and writing. — L.H-F., North Shore, BC

My son and daughter (with varying abilities) have been attending OG sessions with Jessica for over a year. They both have improved greatly. My daughter usually is not interested in any activities related to studying, but she loves going to Jessica. I feel Jessica really cares about them and their success. She goes above and beyond what a tutor does. I trust her so much with my kids, she is like family to us. – R.A., North Vancouver, BC

My son has been attending OG tutoring sessions with Jessica for over a year now, and his reading has come so far!!!! He faces many challenges in terms of learning disabilities, attention issues, anxiety, and a lack of confidence, and Jessica has dealt with it all with grace. She is always well prepared for his lessons, and has gone above and beyond to find adaptations to make it interesting, fun, and meaningful for him. I am always amazed at the time that she puts in beyond his sessions to learn more about his struggles and find ways to help him. He himself believes that it is his time with Jessica that has really helped his reading, not school or the learning assistance he receives there. He always looks forward to going, and loves Jessica dearly. I truly believe his time with her has been a game changer for him academically. I cannot recommend her highly enough for struggling readers. We are so grateful to have found her! – D.S., North Vancouver, BC

My daughter has been attending OG lessons for about a year now with Jessica. In that time she has never complained about going (although she often complains about school) and loves attending her cozy home office for lessons. I often hear them in bursts of laughter when I go to pick her up. Jessica has made learning fun for her, something much needed as being dyslexic she has to work much harder than other students. She is always patient, kind, understanding and is always encouraging with her. She has given her a much needed boost of confidence this past year. She is always there to offer support and feedback to parents and her enthusiasm is evident in every aspect of her tutoring. Thank you, Jessica! – M.M., North Shore, BC

Visiting Jessica for OG tutoring is a highlight of my daughter’s week. She is patient and friendly and knows how to motivate kids, even the “difficult” ones. Reading does not come easily for my daughter, but she enjoys trying and has made tremendous progress despite her disabilities. I wholeheartedly recommend Jessica to other families facing similar challenges. – E.L., West Vancouver

My son has only known Jessica for a short time. Though, it is pretty obvious that he loves attending his sessions and his passion for learning is being fully nurtured. At the end of his first session he said, “Mom, I am just so excited and I don’t know why!” All I can say is that it is quite clear that Jessica’s multifaceted approach fully engages my seven year old active little boy! – V.S., West Vancouver, North Shore, B.C.

Jessica came highly recommended by one of the foremost OG teachers in Vancouver and she has exceeded our expectations. She exudes kindness, patience and a sincere passion for helping her students with OG techniques. Our children have adored Jessica from the moment they met her and they joyfully attend their weekly sessions with her. She provides a very comfortable setting and always offers her support and guidance for the parents and children outside of the tutoring times. We have been amazed at our children’s accelerated progress and we are so thankful that we found such a wonderful OG tutor/teacher with Jessica. – T.R., New Westminster, B.C.

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